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Fun Shapes!

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Made for Small Hands

Simple, Clean Ingredients

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Clean. Really clean.

It's never been more important.

As a caring and conscientious parent, clean has always been important to you. But sometimes that can be a struggle. Which products will your kids love the most? Choose your favorites!

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Mom and a Child

"We loved our Sweet & Sudsy soaps! My daughter's favorite was the unicorn! All of the designs I bought were beautiful and added a bit of whimsy to her bath time. I originally bought them for her, but ended up using them for myself because they all smelled so good! They are really perfect for gifts, showers, party favors, or simply to treat yourself!"

- Houston, TX

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Soaps that make your kids want to scrub-a-dub!

But that's not all you get with Sweet & Sudsy.

Feel good!

Simple, pure ingredients you can trust to be thorough yet gentle, even for sensitive types.

Hands holding planet Earth made from pla

Less waste!

No pumps to encourage overuse and NO plastic bottles to dispose.

Save time!

No more begging, cojoling, bribing, hovering or do-overs just to make sure they're clean!

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Easy to order!

Enjoy FREE shipping on orders over $50. Perfect gifts!

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Choose your favorite designs


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Choose any bar and get a FREE loofah bag and soap dish with your first order!


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Relax and enjoy squeaky-clean snuggles

Cleaner Kids Are At Hand!

With Less Struggle and Less Waste:

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At Sweet & Sudsy, we know you want to feel confident and capable as a parent - especially for the things that require time and attention everyday - like getting your kids clean and keeping them healthy.

The problem is most kids aren't natural born washers and big clunky bar soaps and wasteful pump dispensers, with their harsh chemical additives, aren't making the task any easier.

The Sweet & Sudsy Way

Picture of the company owners and their family

Hillary & Debbie

As moms, we understand how exhausting this ongoing struggle of making sure your kids wash - thoroughly - at the sink and in the bath or shower can be, and that's why we created Sweet & Sudsy.

We believe getting clean should be fun for everyone. So, when we couldn't find the kid-friendly options we wanted, we decide to make them. Pretty soon we were making them for our friends and then our friends' friends and now for you too.

So choose your favorite designs from our everyday and seasonal collections, then sit back and relax as your kids have a blast getting clean and enjoy those squeaky clean snuggles!

Easter Treats

Looking for More Sweet & Sudsy?

We proudly offer specialty orders. Click to learn more.

Pricing will be based on quantity. Discounts apply to larger orders. Minimums are contingent upon the design and packaging.

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Interested in adding Sweet & Sudsy Soap to your local store? Contact us today to place your wholesale order.

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Custom Orders

Create your own soap! Contact us to place your company logo or other design on soap.

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Private Label

Interested in selling soaps with your branding? Contact us to talk about design and pricing.

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Promotional Products

We can design just the right promotional product and packaging. Contact us to get started.