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We hope to answer all of your questions in this section, but if we have not, please use our Contact Us form.

We are happy to help! 

Are your soaps tear free?

No, not completely. All soaps have a small component of eye irritation and those unscented will have the lowest. We use very little fragrance oils to help reduce any irritation. 

Can soaps be custom ordered?

Yes! All of our soaps are available for custom orders. We can work with you on design, color, fragrance and help put any idea to life. Please use the Contact Us form in order to submit a request.

Are your soaps really homemade?

Yes! And we plan to keep it that way until we outgrow our homes.

Can I use your soap on my child with eczema?

Yes, we recommend starting with an unscented soap and running a test first on the inside of a child’s arm. In future, we plan to include a highly sensitive skin option but at this time we have not completed its’ development. So - start small! If irritation begins, please discontinue use immediately.

What is the life span for your soaps?

Since we avoid using many harsh chemicals and incorporate more natural fragrances, the life span of our soaps are shorter than the current bars found on the market today made by big name companies. Think farmers market produce verse supermarket bagged ones. Each product will last for a different period of time - depending on its’ size and care.  We highly recommend keeping the soaps dry in between each use and to consider using a soap dish. It may be hard to do but don’t let the soaps sit in the bathtub water either as this will reduce its’ life span significantly.

One of my clear soaps is beginning to look yellow?

Due to the nature of the clear glycerin soap and fragrance oils, those designed to appear clear may discolor over time. This does not mean that you can no longer use your soap. We suggest enjoying any product once received in order to avoid long term discoloration.

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