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Happy First Year!

Flashback to one year ago to when Debbie and I were chatting while our girls were swimming. (We live in Houston so water is a must during the months of June to October!) We were engaged in typical "mom" talk which often consists of school, food, sleep (or lack there of) and sharing stories of our kids. Between the two of us, we have 4 girls and, at the time, 11 years of motherhood experience. We had plenty to share with each other at all times!

As our girls giggled and splashed, chatter hit the topic of showering our kids. We both agreed that soap pumps were, well, the dumps! We loved the ease they allowed for us and perhaps an older child to use - but a four year old? two year old? Nope! Loads and loads of soap were always getting "pumped" on our shower floor. Like bottles at a time if we didn't watch carefully.  Oh and then there were the days our kids just outright refused to shower or hop in the bath.

How cool would it be if we could make bars of soap that were smaller and fun for kids to use??!! Does that already exist? Well it turned out that what we had in mind didn’t really exist or at the very least was extremely difficult to find.

Debbie's background as an elementary school teacher and amateur baker proved perfect for the task at hand. As she jumped on product development, I gathered up all the market information possible, delved into product marketing and eventually became a new graphic designer building our website. I had 7 years of professional marketing experience by that time, so this role fit me perfectly. The next few months were spent learning, experimenting and testing product formulas and designs. We loved what we were developing and we couldn't wait to share it with the world. 

So that's our story - at least the short version! Never would we have ever imagined creating Sweet & Sudsy Soap prior to that "mom talk" moment. Today, we hope to help families wash their hands, body and hair with more ease by making our products fun, adorable and easy to use. Oh - and let us not forget that with each bar - we save the creation of one more plastic bottle. Win, win!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your family.

Happy washing!

Debbie & Hillary

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