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Taking Road Trips with Kids.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Some quick tips and tricks to help pass the time and make road travel slightly more smooth this summer!

Debbie and I both recently took cross country drives this summer with our kiddos and were asked for recommendations for apps, games, toys, etc. that can help pass the time. I realized that these ideas could be helpful for our Sweet & Sudsy fans as well. Since Debbie drove from Houston to Utah in her SUV and I drove in an RV from Houston to New York, we have slightly different experiences, but we've meshed those together to share with you all!

So it begins!

1) How & What to pack:

- Sweet & Sudsy loofah bag and shampoo & body bar. For younger kiddos and those who don’t need conditioner, this is all you need! I used it as my body soap and my girls used it all over, so all we needed to pack was conditioner.

- Consider packing a backpack for each kiddo and pack individual games, snacks, devices and snuggles. This will really help with the "mom, I need ......" questions and teach the kids how to be responsible for their own things.

- Towels in case of any type of "accident"

- Small plastic bags

- Paper towels

- Wipes - disinfecting wipes and baby wipes

- First aid essentials

- Tylenol or Advil (for adults and kids)

- Benadryl (in case of an allergic reaction)

- Children’s Dramamine

- Snacks and drinks (of course!!)

- Candy for those moments when you’ve run out of ideas!

- Pillows, blankets and stuffed animals to make the ride more comfortable.

- For those brave people attempting potty training while on a road trip, the Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty Seat and disposable bags may come in handy. The bags are also great for those prone to motion sickness.

-For those without a video player in the car, you may want to consider an iPad holder. Debbie uses the TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder (found on Amazon) to hold the iPad in place. It keeps her daughter’s head up (which helps with motion sickness) and keeps her hands free.

Finally, pack a journal for you and/or your kids if they are old enough! Try to have them write three sentences at night or in the morning about each day. It will amaze you what they take in on your journey!

2) Prep those devices!

Yes, accept screen time. It will be ok! Clean out old videos, photos, downloads and unused apps so that you can make room for movies, shows, books on tape, new games and maybe even a playlist! My girls loved listening to music on the road. It helped keep them dancing and in a good mood!

3) Apps to consider: - Netflix! Yes it's paid, but you can find so many options and downloading is easy! - Disney Plus! Same as Netflix and great for the younger kiddos. - Audible for audio books or check out your local library for free options such as Hoopla or Overdrive. - If you want to sneak in some summer learning, Epic is a good reading app for kids that includes books, audio books and read to me books. Khan Academy Kids is great for math and language arts. - Game Apps - some of our favorites include: - Heads Up Kids! - Where’s My Water? - Clumsy Ninja - Alto’s Adventure - Leo’s Fortune - any Dr. Panda game or Toca Boca game for the younger ones

4) Games and Activities: - Bracelet making kits such as Rainbow Loom.

- Kits with markers or crayons and coloring pages. Stay clear of pencils unless you plan to bring a sharpener. Color Wonder sets are great for mess free coloring.

- Craft kits such as Crayola Glitter Dots, Wikki Stix, Paint by Sticker, and learn to sew kits.

- Travel games such as Guess in 10, Scavenger Hunt Card Game, Take N Play Hangman, Tic Tac Toe and Memory.

- Mad Libs books are always great for older kids.

- A lap desk or tray will be helpful if you’re traveling by car! You should be able to find one at your local craft store for under $10.

If your taking a road trip this summer or just ready to restock your soap supply, enjoy 10% off your soap purchase with code ROADTRIP. Promo available until September 1, 2021 and one time use per customer.

For those considering taking a trip, just do it! Yes - it's lots of work packing and planning but that will fade and the memories you make while traveling will for sure last forever.

xoxo - Hillary & Debbie


PS. We added links to some of the products to help save you time! We do not receive anything in return from those vendors.

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