The Sweet & Sudsy Difference

What to love about our soaps

  • Our soaps are handmade using a simple melt & pour process.

  • Each formula is carefully crafted to ensure optimum cleanliness.


  • We use all-natural ingredients and have sourced and tested them for safety.


  • Our soaps melt onto skin, moisturizing, and conditioning with each use.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!! Our Loofah Bag is the best friend to all our Sweet & Sudsy Soap - helping all our bars bubble up even faster and making them even easier for everyone to hold. PLUS - soaps will last longer drying in a Loofah bag! 


NO MORE soap slipping out of your hand.

NO MORE soap bars getting lost in the tub.

NO MORE soap bars getting stuck to your shower tile. 


Loofa Bags are the perfect add-on to all soap bars and make amazing gift sets! 


Each Loofa Bag comes with a Sweet & Sudsy Soap ribbon. 



3.5" wide by 5" tall. 


Loofah Bag

SKU: SS202027