Macaron sets are the perfect collection for those who adore these sweet treats. Made the same size as most edible macaroons, these soaps are just too yummy! The set of 6 includes Pink (Strawberry), Orange (Orange), Yellow (Lemon), Green (Yuzu), Blue (Energy) and Purple (Black Raspberry Vanilla). 


Scent description:

Strawberry - Sweet scent of summer strawberries.

Orange - Bright and sweet scent of freshly squeezed oranges.

Lemon - Clean and refreshing scent of juicy lemons.

Yuzu - Sparkling citrus scent.

Energy - Bright and fresh scent with a burst of sweet fruitiness.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Sweet fruity scent with warm vanilla undertones.

Macarons (Set of 6)

SKU: SS20202
  • We highly recommend keeping all soaps dry in between each use and to consider using a soap dish. Do not let the soaps sit in water as this will reduce its’ life span significantly.