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About Us: About
Image of company owners and their families.

Co-founders, Hillary and Debbie

and the story of Sweet & Sudsy in their own words:

Hillary: I got the idea for Sweet & Sudsy because my girls were pump, pump, pumping out the liquid soaps like crazy. The sink was a mess, the bath water slimy and the shower floor treacherous! I was definitely over cleaning up after them, and the plastic waste, but I was also concerned about the overdose of chemicals they were getting. I started searching for bar soaps that were cute (I'm all in for anything cute), and sized right for small hands and was surprised to discover that something so obvious, didn't exist. So I asked Debbie, who's a creative genius, if she thought she could make what I wanted, and of course she said...


Debbie: LOL - of course, I said, "Yes!" I'd played around with melt and pour soaps in the past and am always up for a fun project. I was also attracted to the idea because, while Hillary's girls were over-soaping, my daughter couldn't have cared less about washing. I wondered if she might be more inclined if she had soap designed just for her. I crafted a couple of molds, sourced some simple ingredients, and shared the first bars with Hillary. She loved them. Her girls loved them. My daughter actually used the soap. It was a hit. That might have been where it all ended, me making bar soap for our families and a few friends, but Hillary, she had other ideas!


Hillary: Yea, I've always been drawn to the idea of having a business. It was pretty obvious from the response of our friends when we gave them bars to try that the idea was bigger than just our small circle. Getting kids clean is something that happens everyday in households pretty much everywhere, so we decided to share the love and launch Sweet & Sudsy.


We believe getting kids clean shouldn't be a chore, and with the right soap, it can actually be fun. Creating these bar has been so much fun. We hope you love using them as much as we love making them.


XO | Debbie & Hillary

Newest Arrivals

Bars Made By Hand With Pure, Simple Ingredients

A picture of soap ingredients.

All of our bars begin with either our triple-butter, white, glycerin soap or clear, glycerin soap base. 

Our triple-butter white soap base is detergent free and extra emollient with shea butter, mango seed butter and cocoa seed butter.

Our glycerin soap base produces wonderful big bubbles when it lathers. It is also a humectant which is helps draw moisture into the outer layer of your skin as you wash.

To these simple, clean bases, we add food grade colors to achieve the whimsical designs, and to our scented options, trace amounts of sustainably sourced essential oils to enhance your sudsy experience.

Our soaps are safe for most, even those with sensitive skin. For our highly sensitive customers, we recommend choosing an unscented and single color bar to get started. Try washing a small patch on the inside of your wrist before proceeding to full body use.

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