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School bells are ringing!

Even though back to school hasn’t looked the same for many since the pandemic, there are sooo many things that come along with being prepared for the new school year. In fact, it can feel overwhelming just thinking about it! We often wonder at the start of a school year, how did we manage so much last year? The fact is, we just do! We survive.

But today, we are here to help. We dedicate this blog to things we can do to help ease into the school year! So, let’s get started.

First, tuck away all those amazing summer memories - both physically and mentally. I (Hillary) have a small box for memories with special photos or gifts from the summer. If schedules didn’t allow for some summer fun, there's still time over Labor Day to pack up and make something happen. Follow our motto – keep it simple!

Next, get shopping!! Clothes, backpacks and school supplies are usually at the top of the list. But here are some not so obvious favs for back to school!

Shopping list:

1) Teacher and administration gifts - Sweet & Sudsy Soap pencil bar or colored pencil bars. Covid friendly and so adorably cute. Take it an extra step and email us with your school colors for custom bars! Enjoy 20% off until 9/15 with coupon code: BacktoSchool.

2) Popits and fidgets. Some are allowed at student desks, but be sure to ask prior to sending them to school. My eldest asked for this exact collection for school this year from Amazon. It has a little bit of everything!

3) Water bottles - Hydro Flasks are pricey BUT really do keep drinks cool and they last a loooong time!

4) Lunch boxes - Bento boxes are a great option for school lunches. These from Walmart are simple and affordable. Bentgo Kids is another good option.

5) Hand sanitizers - For school, the best hand sanitizers are the ones that you can attach directly to your child's backpack. We like these from Amazon. They're easy to refill and won't get lost or left behind.

6) At home Covid test – yes, you can now test at home! Results are in 15 mins. BinaxNOW is actually the same one being used at many urgent care facilities. Be sure to check with your child's school to see if they will accept this type of test. Available at CVS, Walmart and other stores.

Ideas to try:

1) Is your kiddo anxious for school to start? Dab a little kid friendly lavender oil on the inside of your child’s mask, shirt or wrist. It will help relax them and ease some of those back to school jitters.

2) Sleep! A week or so before school, start getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. Each night or every other night, shift it earlier by 15 min until you’re at your school sleep/wake time. If you had wild nights this summer (like us!), establish a calming nighttime routine. A warm bath (with some Sweet & Sudsy Soaps of course), calming lotion or diffuser, stories in bed, soft music, white noise, nightlights, stuffed animal, etc. can all help to create a cozy, sleep-friendly environment.

3) Create a wall calendar so everyone in the house can see the day to day schedule and activities. Color code by activity or child. If making one is not your thing, Debbie uses one that is available at Office Depot.

4) Meal plan. Just knowing what the plan is for dinner each night can make adjusting to the school schedule easier and less stressful.

5) Make lunches the night before and have kids help. Prep snacks and place in bins where kids can reach them. You could even attempt to have your kids grab a sandwich, snacks and treats and make their own lunch each evening after dinner. Nice!

6) Have your kids pick out clothes the night before and lay them out.

7) Make a homework zone where kids can focus. Have all the supplies they need, maybe a timer for timed assignments and keep toys away!

Finally, plan out your ME time!

And that does not mean chores or to-do lists!

Make hair, nail, beauty and/or doctor appointments that you may have put aside during the summer. Before you get busy being busy, put YOUR appointments on your calendar! Reach out to a friend and set up coffee or lunch. Connecting with others is key to parental survival!

And besides that, Camp MOM is over!

So, wishing you all a safe, healthy and easy transition this new school year – however that may look for you! Listen to your heart and keep things simple and clean!

And remember, enjoy 20% off until 9/15 with coupon code: BacktoSchool.

xo - Hillary

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